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ESPORTCOINS, game cryptocurrency industry

Electronic sports or eSports have become increasingly popular; these are professional video game competitions through which your players earn large sums of money. According to statistics, this industry could reach a value of 23 million dollars by the year 2020.

As we know, virtual money is revolutionizing the traditional way of payment that we knew until a few years ago. The Bitcoin marked the beginning of a vertiginous process of creation of innumerable cryptocurrencies for endless purposes and the gaming industry has not escaped it.

With major brands such as Microsoft and Apple accepting cryptocurrencies as means of payment, more and more companies have been allowed to venture into the world of virtual money without intermediaries. This has also contributed to the increase in security levels in this type of exchanges, as well as the speed of them, due to the Blockchain system that verifies and supports a large volume of transactions that are executed at a rapid pace.

In seconds players can buy everything they need to improve their gaming experience or they can get immediate winnings with their bets. Online video game stores such as Steam and portals such as Big Fish Games are some examples that allow players to buy virtual goods using games cryptocurrency. Currently, millions of players buy their favorite MOBA and MMORPG in cryptocurrencies.

ESPORTCOINS is a website where you can find information about all types of gaming cryptocurrency that are being used in the different online gambling portals. A guide to currencies like Hunt.beat, LEAP eSports, UnikoinGold, SkinCoin, NeverDie, Gilgam, eSports.com, Gimli, Ethereum, Game credits and many more. How to buy and use them, as well as statistical tables updated with the value of each one in the gaming market.

Also registering on the site you can earn esportcoins that you can exchange for the gaming cryptocurrencies you want.