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Information necessary to be collected before hyperbaric therapy begins

hyperbaric oxygen therapy is always carried out under proper medical supervision. Only a physician has the authority to prescribe hyperbaric therapy. This treatment is highly safe apart from small risks that are often associated with all types of similar treatments. The risks are generally discussed with the concerned person after he or she signs the consent forms permitting the therapy. There are few side effects associated with hyperbaric treatment. The change in pressure can cause sinuses and barotrauma to ears. These are the most seen effects. Some, however, face vision problem while the therapy process is on. These effects are temporary and are very minor. There is one more side effect which is very rarely seen that is oxygen toxicity cause when a huge amount of oxygen is administered to the patient.

The technician who is about to perform the therapy must gather few important information from the patient about his medical history or any other problem present in the body. Below is the list of some of the information that needs to be collected
• Whether the patient is pregnant by any chance
• Whether the patient has anxiety problem or not
• If they have sinus or congestion in the nasal part or chest or whether they have cold and fever symptoms
• Changes if present in any medication and any alterations in any other treatment going on at present
• They check whether the patient is diabetic in nature and if so whether they have taken their regular dose of insulin before the hyperbaric treatment starts
• Whether the patient has completed a meal before going through the hyperbaric therapy
The hyperbaric therapy helps brain strokes. The cells in the brain of a person can die due to lack of oxygen supply or from any trauma. The blood plasma causes swelling by leaking into the brain tissue. Hyperbaric treatment helps in curing this.

What is hbot?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the treatment of patients under high pressure, above the sea level atmospheric pressure. Under this treatment, the use of oxygen is taken and equipment used is the hyperbaric chambers that can have flexible or rigid construction. The hyperbaric oxygen chamber delivers 100% oxygen to the patient’s pulmonary system. Therefore, patients breathe oxygen at a higher level than the 21% of oxygen found in our atmosphere at normal sea level. This renders the increase of oxygen in the body of patients and every cell gets more oxygen which boosts the healing process and helps in recovery. The operation of the patients is performed by the trained and experienced personnel who first analyze and schedule the operation accordingly. hbot has been used for the treatment of decompression sickness since many years. Moreover, this oxygen therapy has shown a positive result on the conditions like gas gangrene( caused by bacteria from the “clostridia” family) and carbon monoxide poisoning.

However, there is a minimum side effect of using HBOT and these side effects rarely exist for the longest time. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not a cure but it has shown its positive effect on the immune system and helping patients to recover from a range of chronic wounds to complex disabilities. Tenka offers the professional installation, all operational training for your specific model of tenka chamber and setup and testing. It also offers hyperbaric clinic layouts, Building Code Reviews, Point of Connection Drawings, and Chamber Site Suitability Review.
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The main effect of hyperbaric medical treatment is to increase the levels of oxygen in the blood and tissues, that is why hyperbaric chambers are not for exclusive treatment of medicine but are increasingly used in aesthetic treatments, they are also used for diving and even in veterinary use, with the veterinary hyperbaric chamber.
Hyperbaric oxygenation can be received by all people and of any age. Side effects are minimal and last very short time. Hyperbaric medicine is not a cure, but it has been shown to increase immune capacity, greatly benefiting patients with chronic wounds or complex disabilities.
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