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To boost your business to the clouds, Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder Module

There has always been the desire to be successful. Therefore, to grow your business, it is a good option to invest in the internet market and Prestashop is the best option for you.
Prestashop, company founded in 2007, has an open source that can be seen by everyone, which can be modified for the user’s need or for the ease of use of the same system, which provides help when selling online, since sometimes it is difficult to show the product or make the transaction, it can even appear cases of lack of confidence of one of the parties when making a purchase. Therefore, Prestashop brings tranquility to the life of entrepreneurs looking to expand their business and their target, through the Internet.

The reliability of this company is given by the support provided by the awards it has won, such as the 2014 People’s CMS Awards for the Best eCommerce Solution for SMB and the Best eCommerce Solution for Enterprise, considered as the best business application from the market. Therefore, it is the best option to trust your online store.
This company has been introducing in its number of functions a call Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder, which consists of notifying the customer that he left an unfinished purchase on the Presta Shop page. It is symbolized with a shopping cart as it is like a market, in which you put your purchase items and then go to the cashier to pay. The Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder Module can work in several ways, sending emails or pop-ups, by browser notifications, even by mail.
The inclusion of new functions makes the service fulfill more and more with its mission, so it is the first option of the market to have a virtual store is Prestashop, which innovates more and more for its customers.