The melanoma treatment that guarantees total effectiveness is now a reality. Virotherapy came to restore health to cancer patients

It is very comforting to know that a technique has been discovered that definitely cures patients with cancer and tumors. This medicine is being applied, successfully, in Latvia, specifically in Jurmala, on the Baltic coast.
The Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic was inaugurated there, which, with its team of excellent professionals, provides the personalized and necessary attention to all the patients who stay in its facilities, full of luxury, tranquility, and comfort.

In this center, unique in the world, “Virotherapy ” the most advanced melanoma treatment that currently exists is applied. The treatment’s technique call oncolytic virus therapy is applied with injections given to patients, intramuscularly, based on the Riga virus, represent a perfect solution to this disease. This virus attacks and destroys only malignant cancer cells, leaving healthy tissues and cells free.
This occurs because Riga oncolytic virus recognizes tumor or cancer cells and eliminates them through cytotoxicity. Even when the malignant cells have mutated, this virus is able to locate and eliminate them, promoting the regeneration of healthy cells and contributing to strengthening the immune system, which is a key aspect for the patient’s recovery.
The Virotherapy consists of the application of several injections that must be frozen at a temperature between -20 ± 2 ° C, until the moment in which it is going to be administered to the person. It can be placed on the shoulder or on the buttock; even, for greater effectiveness, they have been applied directly to the tumor or to the periphery. Likewise, it can be applied in Stage 1 of the disease or Stage 2, since it does not hinder the effect of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
Adverse reactions are very few and in the short term, such as drowsiness, subfebrility of up to two days, gastrointestinal changes and, rarely, the patient complains of pain in the area where the injection was placed.